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Learning English Through Laughter : 3

Mr.Green went to Germany, because he had some work there.He came back last Monday, and his young wife met him at the airport. They walked to their car and passed a tall, pretty air-hostess. Mr. Green said to her , ' Goodbye, Miss Harris, ' and the air-hostess smiled and said, 'Good bye' too.
Mrs. Green stopped and looked at the air-hostess .Then she said to her husband, 'How did you know her name?'
'That was easy,'answered Mr.Green. 'The names of the captain and all the screw were on a piece of paper in front of our seates.'
'What was the name of the captain?' Mrs. Green asked with a smile.
Mr.Green launged and answered ,'I don't remember any of the other names.'


Learning English Through Laughter : 2

Jean and Mark were twins . They were then years old, and they were in the same class at their school . A few weeks ago , their English teacher said to the children, ' I haven't given you any homework for two weeks , children . Now this week, write a composition about " Our Cat " , and give it to me next Monday. Have you all got a cat at home ? '
' Yes , Miss Jones,' all of them answered .
All the pupils did the composition, and they gave it to the teacher on Monday . The teacher read all the compositions and then she gave them back to the pupils on Tuesday.
'Jean,' She said, ' Your composition is the same as your brother's.'
'Yes,'answered Jean quickly .' It's the same cat!'



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